Tips and Tricks

Are your green onions wilting faster than you can use them?
Freeze them! Slice them just like you normally would,
spread them out on waxed paper on a cooling rack or baking sheet,
and freeze for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Transfer the frozen onions
to a freezer safe container, zip-top bag, or dry water bottle.

Need to soften some butter fast?
The process will go much more quickly if you cut the butter into chunks.

Have to leave the room for a minute?
Lay a wooden spoon across your pot so it doesn't boil over.
I have to admit it doesn't help much if you're working with a raging boil
so don't go folding laundry or something,
but it will buy you a minute to answer the door.

Your trusty egg slicer can be used for more than just eggs.
Use it to slice strawberries, mushrooms, or olives.

Place a few connected paper towels down the center of the stove top,
between the sets of burners, to catch flying grease from bacon, burgers, etc.
When you're done, just toss it. (Keep them away from the flames!)

Want that baking-all-day smell? Hate pricey candles?
When you make recipes that leave behind fruit scraps
(like Clementine Cake or any apple recipe), toss them in the freezer with a cinnamon stick.
When you want the house to smell nice, throw the frozen scraps in a pot,
cover with water, and simmer all day. Add water as necessary.
Bonus - the steaming water humidifies the air, perfect if you are making bread,
or just want to avoid dry winter air.

I use Glad Press & Seal on my countertop to knead dough and roll out cookies.
When I'm done, I just peel it off the counter and throw the mess away!

Rub butter on your fresh baked sandwich bread to keep the crust soft.

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