What's for Lunch

mandarins, sneaky oatmeal muffins,
peanuts, carrot chips, sugar snap peas, pepper rings,
3 organic gummy bears
bell pepper rings, fortune cookie, spiral sliced all-natural chicken hot dog,
granny smith apple (his choice), half PB&J
PlanetBox - Birthday present :-)
freeze dried pineapple, sugar snap peas,
triscuits, chicken nuggets and ketchup,
Trader Joe's Chocolaty Cat
half banana, cupcake (for his birthday!),
carrot chips, pistachios

chicken and broccoli and carrots, banana chips,
jicama cut like french fries, spaghetti with tomato sauce
homemade trail mix (nuts, raisins, whole wheat pretzels, a few chocolate chips)
freeze dried peas, clementines, everything-but-the-flour cookies
Squashed Banana pouch, apple maple chicken sausage,
whole wheat mini pita pizzas (mozzarella & sauce stuffed inside), jicama sticks
crispy rice roll, dried mission figs,
baby carrots, sunflower seeds
black bean chips, white bean dip,
cucumber sticks, kumquats

freeze-dried peaches, hard-boiled egg,
mini Triscuits, radishes

half PB&J, raspberries,
ham roll-ups, freeze-dried corn

Berry Squeezers all-fruit pouch, sweet and sassy roasted veggies,
pizza quesadillas, peanuts in the shell

1/2 banana, (organic uncured) chicken hot dog,
green beans, 3-grain marshmallow crispy treat

Baked Snapea Crisps, clementines,
chicken pasta toss (pasta, chicken, frozen peas, Italian Dressing),
mixed nuts and organic raisins

Ak-Mak whole wheat crackers, kiwi,
lightly steamed broccoli, hard-boiled egg

cinnamon puff cereal, blackberries,
cubed ham, sugar snap peas

half banana, black olives,
PB&J "sushi", cucumbers with avocado hummus

chocolate pumpkin mini muffins, clementines,
red and green bell pepper strips, mixed nuts

celery with peanut butter, barbecue hot dogs,
spaghetti with tomato sauce, mini apple and grape kabobs

apple slices, half PB&J, trail mix honey bar,
popcorn, baby carrots

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