Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Dr. Seuss Special

Since we're on the subject of sneaky foods kids love, I present to you The Dr. Seuss Special. When I used to babysit my sisters, this was one of their favorite breakfasts. Back then I used green food coloring, but not anymore. I found a natural alternative that works just as well. It's...
Kale and spinach! Use one, use both, use broccoli. It doesn't matter what you use - it is your right as a mom to take their most "ew" green veg* and use it make this very cool breakfast they will love just because of the color. (This is especially effective if you've read Green Eggs and Ham the night before.)

My kid's not really big on ham, so we serve Green Eggs and Cookies around here (Nutty Breakfast Cookies, that is).

The Dr. Seuss Special

What I use:
  • Eggs
  • A splash of water
  • Kale or spinach (not too much, you want the color without overpowering the egg flavor)

How I do it:

Place everything in a food processor and pulse until the kale (or spinach or whatever) is broken down into tiny flecks of green. Cook as you normally would cook scrambled eggs.

If the specks bother your kids, you could also use a high speed blender and completely liquify the ingredients. That will look like this when it's all done.

* Seriously though, I know I make sneaky foods quite frequently, but this is not an attempt to deceive my kids. It is usually just a fun and different way to present a food to them when they aren't total fans of the plain-Jane version. A lot of times, the hidden foods are ones that they love anyway, and they almost always know it's in there (usually before, sometimes after). But you have to admit, shredded veggies baked into chocolate bread or sweet muffins is way tastier than steamed veg on your dinner plate, no matter who you are.

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