Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 Kitchen Bucket List

Over the years, I have definitely grown more comfortable in the kitchen, but there are still a few foods that intimidate me. This year, I plan to tackle them all. Let me know if you see any good recipes for them so I have somewhere to start. Thanks!

My 2013 Kitchen Bucket List:

  • cheese wontons
  • crab rangoon
  • beef bourguignon
  • sticky buns
  • cinnamon rolls
  • biscotti (I made this! Check out my Cinnamon Vanilla Biscotti)
  • souffles - cheese, chocolate
  • fried chicken (I made this! Recipe coming soon!)
  • something with puff pastry (I finally bought it the other day, but it's still sitting in the freezer mocking me!)
  • stuffing (I was a Stove Top girl until we switched over to real food)
  • pudding
  • pickles (I made this! Recipe coming soon!)

What foods have you been dying to make but haven't gotten up the nerve?

I also have some foods that I have made using various recipes and my own techniques, but I wasn't in love with the final product, no matter how many times and ways I tried it. I plan to perfect these this year:

  • pie crust (it never comes out flaky and tasty - always one or the other)
  • macaroni and cheese (the cheese is gritty, the sauce isn't cheesy enough)
  • rolled stuffed breaded chicken (the outside is dry by the time the inside is cooked)
  • fudge (I cheat with a 2-ingredient recipe right now)

Which recipes give you a hard time?

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