Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chocolate Recipe Roundup

I have been having some serious chocolate cravings lately. I absolutely positively can't get enough of the stuff. I even bought chocolate yogurt yesterday. You know it's bad when you're turning your healthy snacks into chocolate treats! Andrew's been having the same issue - he actually found (and bought) a 1 lb. chocolate bar at the grocery store - I wouldn't even go that far! But, just in case you are having the same insatiable cravings we are, I decided to be a sweetie and put my best chocolate recipes all in one place for you. Enjoy!

First up, some old school creations...

Black Bean Cocoa Bars
Protein packed flourless brownies that are perfect for
busy moms, hungry hubbies, and picky kids.

Easiest Fudge Ever
Only two ingredients and they can be changed to any flavor you like!

Now, for some new favorites...

Kahlua Ice Cream
Kahlua and cocoa come together in this amazing 4 ingredient ice cream -
the best part? You don't need an ice cream maker - just a hand mixer!

Fake-it-till-you-make-it Thin Mint Wannabes
When you are craving those minty cookies
but there's no Girl Scout in sight, these will do just fine.

Chocolate Potato Chips
Because sometimes you gotta have salty AND sweet.

Homemade Chocolates
Dairy free chocolate can be hard to find, so I had to make my own.
But you can use any chocolate you want to make these tasty treats.

Chocolate Zucchini Bread
I plant way too many zucchini plants every year and this
is a great way to use them up and get my chocolate fix at the same time.

What are your go-to recipes when you get a crazy chocolate craving?

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  1. Death by chocolate.
    When I move on to the greater good, I sure hope I have some chocolate to take with me.


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