Friday, November 16, 2012

Food is Mean

Funny thing about food. You peruse cookbooks and watch food shows and have all these wonderful meals you want to make but you seem to be missing one ingredient. Then you finally go to the store and buy said ingredient, bring it home, set it on the counter, and then... Nothing. It sits there for days, mocking you, because you can't think of one single thing to make with it.

This happens to me a lot. Diced tomatoes and black beans seem to be the biggest amnesia-inducing items around here. I did it the other day with S.O.S. mix, and also a few weeks back with pumpkin. I had a list of new recipes I wanted to try out - pumpkin cake and muffins and pancakes and bars and, well, you get the point. I had no pumpkin. I kept making other foods, trying to fill the void until the shopping ban was over and I could get to the store.

The day finally arrived and I bought four cans of the stuff. I was giddy. Yes, food makes me giddy sometimes. (That's normal, right?) Anyway, so I bring home my beloved cans of pumpkin and proceed to stare at them. What did I want to make with this? And why in the world had I bought so much of it??

Eventually, I gave up and moved it from the counter (prime real estate around here) to the cabinet (my temporary holding cell for mean food), then finally to the basement pantry (isolation). Slowly it came back to me, the pumpkin was paroled, and we have been eating it in everything, but it's just so annoying when that happens.

Wait, your food doesn't mock you? It's just me? Well ok then, just forget I said anything...

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